How do you ensure
Your application is current
with market trends?

The e-book "12 samples of candidacies for the federal public service" present to you bilingual candidates of different groups and levels of employment that have been pre-selected!

It is the most innovative tool
to inspire you to write your application
for the federal public service!

Inside, you will find examples of accompaniment letter, electronic resume and various applications for different levels of employment such as: CR, AS, CO, IS, FI, PM, PE and MA.

PS: Warning - If you apply the secrets contained in this e-book and apply the advice given to a position that you have all the requirements, be assured that your application will be retained and can finally take that pre-selection step. You will have no choice but to prepare for the exam or interview to come. So be sure to start your preparation as soon as you send your resume because you do not have much time to prepare yourself when you will be called!

PSS: The book "12 samples of candidacies for the federal public service" is part of the "Virtual Coaching Series" to apply for the federal public service. If you wish, you can get these three books for a set price of $49 and get this e-book for half price.